Wildlife conservation education is essential, from rural schools in Africa to Universities in the first world, we believe that any wildlife conservation program needs to include an education program.

We actively support education programs in the areas where we operate. This support includes the following:

School infrastructure enhancement
Many rural schools (especially in third world countries) face challenges in terms of requiring basic infrastructure upgrades and rebuilding works to bring buildings and facilities up to a modern and hygienic standard. This work clearly needs to take a priority above all else. After all before we can introduce wildlife conservation education, the pupils need to be in good health and receiving adequate nutrition.
School education support
We encourage any and all schools across the globe to become involved with our citizen science programs. These programs enable pupils to be connected and involved with our leopard research programs via our schools camera trapper program. This program enables teachers and pupils to receive regular camera trap images from our suite of camera traps located in wild areas. As well as interact with our team of wildlife conservationists based in Africa and Asia via Skype or school visits direct to the classroom.
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University and college programs
Our team of researchers often provide lectures at Universities and colleges. This program is currently limited to the United Kingdom, but we aim to expand this service to other countries.
We also encourage universities to become part of research programs, either by visiting field research centres which we support or by cloud based collaboration with our data analysis programs.